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Live Blood Cell Analysis

Nutritional Dark Field Microscopy provides a powerful demonstration of how fast and efficiently Ericssons Ionic Coral Calcium is absorbed into the blood.

The Journal of Nutrition, volume 129, no. 1 January, 1999, states: "It is obvious that calcium must be ionized and in a solution to be absorbed."

Dr. Erik Enby M.D. from Sweden, has done extensive research on the effects of Ericssons Coral Calcium on the human organism. To demonstrate that the Red Blood Cells (RBC) do absorb the Ericssons Coral Water immediately, Dr. Enby photographed live molecules of the RBC of his patients.

An excellent example, (see photograph below), is a woman who was experiencing various health challenges. Her blood sample shows the red blood cells sticking, split and irregular in shape.

The next picture is from the same woman, twelve minutes later, after drinking only one glass of Coral Water. As you can see, the cells are separating, circular in shape and glowing.


When the blood is acidic, the oxygen is trapped and cannot be utilized by the body.  The power of the Ericssons Coral Calcium unchains the oxygen and allows your body to use it in the way it was meant to be.