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The Story of the World's Oldest Man

Coral Calcium was discovered in 1979 when a British journalist from the Guinness Book of Records was sent to Okinawa, Japan, to interview Shigechiyo Izumi, the world's oldest documented living person, who at the time was an energetic 115 years old and in remarkably good health.  He was a vibrant, healthy man who retired only 10 years before the interview. The journalist was astonished, especially when he began noticing that much of Okinawa's  elderly population was in fabulous health. 

A team of researchers came to the island to find out how a 115-year-old man could be so healthy, and they made some amazing discoveries. They found that neither the climate nor the diet of Okinawa was the secret to longevity; rather, the key was in the water. The islanders' water was different from water found anywhere else in the world. 

It was infused with Coral Calcium and other marine minerals. 

The islands of Okinawa were built up over the years from coral reefs. Rain that falls on the islands percolates down through the ancient coral deposits and picks up minerals and other elements. Not only does the water contain many essential minerals - making it very similar to the chemical makeup of the human skeleton and body fluids - it is also very alkaline, with a pH of 8.6. 

Since the discovery of Coral Calcium, it has gained a large consumer-base of over 4 million consumers in Japan.

Coral reefs are gradually broken up over the course of many years by wave action, then carried by tidal flow to the bottom of the ocean, where the sand-like granules are saturated with the ocean's most valuable minerals for thousands of years.  The mining of Sango Coral is strictly controlled by the Japanese government.  Only coral sand from the ocean floor is collected.  Living coral is not endangered.  

These granules are carefully gathered, cleaned and pulverized. Ericssons' unique patented heat process allows the minerals to be absorbed 100% at an ionic level by the blood.  Ericssons Coral Calcium is the only pharmaceutical grade Coral Calcium on the market. 

Alka-Mine Coral Calcium is a completely untainted, all-natural product, amazingly able to transform your distilled, bottled, or filtered tap water into pristine, mineral-rich drinking water.  The Coral:
* infuses the water with ionic calcium and other marine trace minerals in a combination necessary for optimally healthy blood.
* neutralizes impurities that may exist in the water.
* pH-balances the water, making it alkaline.