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What is Structured Water (also called Clustered Water)?

We now have the technology to see a molecule of water magnified over 20,000 times and to photograph it.   In 1994, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, began photographing different waters around the world, including Coral Water.
 He noted that healthy water formed a completed hexagonal crystal structure, while urban tap water and contaminated water was very disorganized. See photographs below:

The Structure of The Water Crystal:

         CITY TAP WATER                                                              CORAL CALCIUM WATER  


Note how the Coral Calcium transforms even tap water into a beautiful hexagonal crystal structure.

Dr. Lee Lorenzen, an expert in clustered water, has demonstrated that these crystal clustered water molecules support the function of our D.N.A.

Three Nobel prize winners in Advanced Medical Research discovered that the primary function of D.N.A. is in the transmission and reception of electromagnetic energy.

Clustered Water molecules activate the power and natural genetic sequence to receive and transmit electromagnetic information every moment of our lives.

We exhaust our resources of D.N.A. clustered water crystals as we age. Over time,  this can affect our natural ability as beings to receive and transmit at the D.N.A. level.

Every function of our body is dependent on our D.N.A. structure to be healthy at a high level.

The clustered coral water is a profoundly amazing vehicle enabling us to experience our highest potential.