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​      Alkalization of the body is essential to your health. Dr. Theodore Baroody's research ("Alkalize or Die") shows that any disease - be it diabetes, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart problems, chronic pain, etc. - is caused by an acidic body environment. Poor diet, purified or demineralized water, physical, emotional and spiritual stress, all cause the body to overproduce acid waste.Ericssons Coral Calcium has over 70 natural ionic minerals that go directly to the blood and detoxify the body of this acidic waste. Did you know that most purified water, (including reverse osmosis and distilled water) is acidic? However, adding Ericssons Coral Calcium to your water raises the pH to over 8.0, helping to create a healthy, alkaline body environment. 

     Check out Dr. Erik Enby's Live Blood Cell Analysis Research, see how your pH determines your health, learn the story of the world's oldest man, see Dr. Masaru Emoto's photo of the Coral Calcium water molecule, and more.

Disclaimer:  These Coral Calcium sachets are not meant for the purpose of curing disease or guaranteeing weight loss.  Always consult your medical practitioner for your personal health and weight  issues.